I have been browsing a flyer from Australia Post that advertises the Samsung Galaxy J1 for $199 unlocked. The ad says this is a 4G phone, 5MP camera, 4.3″ WVGA TFT display, Quad core 1.2GHz processor, Android 4.4.

Naturally I jumped onto WP to read the discussion about this phone but I’m surprised to find no dedicated thread – so here we go!

If anyone out there owns one of these, I’m interested in your comments about the following:

  • How does it compare with similarly priced phones, eg the Moto G (which I know well)?
  • Is the AU-marketed variant dual-SIM?
  • Which 4G LTE frequencies are supported? I think in Australia an LTE phone would need to support LTE bands 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 28 and 40 in order to service all 7 bands currently offered by the Aus telcos.
  • Is Samsung still up to its old tricks of not offering timely (or any) Android upgrades once a phone is sold? I note that the phone as advertised by Australia Post is loaded with the now-obsolete KitKat – is it upgradeable to Lollipop without rooting or other gymnastics?
  • What is the bloatware situation? Light, medium or heavy handed? I suspect I have been somewhat spoilt by the MotoG’s almost stock Android and early, easy upgradeability to the latest firmware.
  • What memory is supplied with the AU variant?
  • Is the battery built-in or removable?
  • How is the transceiver performance in marginal coverage areas?
  • Camera performance in low light?
  • What do you love about it?
  • And what is disappointing or annoying?
  • Do the apps Mobile Foxtel (by Telstra) and Foxtel Go (by Foxtel) work on this phone? There are many phones on which these apps are barred by either Telstra or Foxtel.

Finally, what is the best price that you have seen the phone advertised for? The best I’ve found from AU vendors is $169 but that’s network locked, so the Aus Post price of $199 unlocked looks to be attractive.