Samsung Galaxy S4 phone explodes in schoolgirl’s lap, catches fire.

It was a non-genuine replacement battery purchased on eBay. The parents said they thought it was a genuine Samsung battery, but Samsung have announced its investigation showed the battery was a imitation copy battery.

Samsung Galaxy S4 phone explodes in schoolgirl’s lap, catches fire

A MOOROOLBARK girl has been left with first degree burns after her Samsung Galaxy S4 exploded on her lap on her way to school.

Brooklyn McDonald, 15, who attends Oxley College, was sitting in the passenger seat of her aunt’s car when her Samsung Galaxy S4 made a loud hissing and popping sound and exploded in her lap.

Brooklyn’s aunt, Courtney Handley from Croydon, who was driving at the time, said she immediately went into panic mode and quickly pulled over.

“I was in complete shock as Brooklyn’s lap was on fire and pieces of the phone had flown everywhere from the explosion causing a fire to start on the passenger footwell,” Ms Handley said.

“I quickly put out the fire on her lap and in the car. I took Brooklyn straight to Mooroolbark Clinic and she was diagnosed with first and second degree burns around her inner thighs,” she said. The teen also suffered blistering.

“I had my 18-month-old son in the car with me at the time too and I’m so lucky that he wasn’t injured.”

She said the phone was not charging at the time.

She said Brooklyn was unable to attend school today as she was traumatised by the incident.

“Brooklyn suffered an anxiety attack and she’s not coping well with what happened.”

Ms Handley said she was still in shock by the event and fears this could happen to other Samsung users.

“There was already a problem with the Samsung S7 Note exploding, so I really think the company needs to review their products immediately for safety,” she said.


Moral of this story: buy genuine replacement parts and accessories